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Spring Break in Jamaica

Hey lovelies, I recently returned from a long over due visit to Jamaica. It had been almost five years since my last visit and this spring break was the perfect time to go. The weather was great. Just the right amount of warmth to take my mind off the wintery New York days.

Most of our time was spent with family and just relaxing. My mom commented that it was the most chill vacation we'd been on in a long time because I did zero planning for trip. Even though we had some must do things in mind it was an open, go with the flow sort of itinerary. I am so used to planning for every minute of a trip in order to maximize my time but it was actually really refreshing to not have to plan anything. Apart from seeing family, we wanted to eat everything that we hadn't eaten in years. Let me tell you guys, there are just certain foods that taste better in your home country.  I ate so much and I have no regrets. I enjoyed every scrumptious morsel and every calorie that went along with ea…

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