December 30, 2016

Highlights of 2016

I'm always shocked by how quickly twelve months seem to fly by but here I am once again commenting on the rapidity with which 2016 has already come to a close.

Either I have a terrible memory or an incredibly protective subconscious mind that has eliminated all the bad stuff, but 2016 was a fairly good year.
Looking back I can't say I've had any significant lows. I've experience my share of disappointments as have most people but nothing that has left me with battle scars. To be honest I can only attribute it to lots of prayers. It was certainly not through any actions of my own but through the divine blessings of God.

As I'm was going through the pics of all the things I did in the year, I was really overwhelmed by how blessed I am. There were so many wonderful and amazing memories I could draw from and it was challenging selecting the photos that would represent the highlights of the year. Here are the ones I finally settled on.

Birthday trip to Boston with my mom in March

Finally went ahead and chopped of my hairs!

Got the car I wanted and had obsessed about for months

My godson Logan was born. 

Reunited with one of my besties!

Went to Costa Rica with my girlies

Hopped over to Nicaragua for a day trip

Stood at the edge of an active volcano

Shellorne came to town and we finally hit up the Essence Block Party!

 Reunited with my friend Buffy after many years of separation

Met Angela's sweet baby Eryk 

Had a wonderful pre-Christmas celebration with 2 of my lovely friends

Spent Christmas holiday in San Diego with my mom
I know that 2017 will not be without challenges but if it's anything like 2016, I'll be happy.
Wishing you all the best for 2017!!!


November 20, 2016

Ipsy Beauty Bag Subscription

Hey lovelies,
I recently signed up for Ipsy, a beauty subscription program that sends you deluxe samples and full size beauty products for an amazingly low cost of ten bucks a month.

I have been wanting to try out a subscription program for a long time but many of them are a bit pricey and I was unwilling to pay a crazy amount of money a month to do so.

The fact that Ipsy is so affordable is great and I get the opportunity to discover new beauty brands and try products I wouldn't necessarily purchase on my own.

I just received my second beauty bag and I love that I get a new glam bag with every purchase.

This month's bag has some great products. I am especially excited to try out the Ciate liquid velvet lip color and the Tarte Maracuja oil for my face as a night treatment.
CoQ10 face toner for balancing the skin's PH levels

One of the best mascaras on the market

I highly recommend checking them out for yourself. It's such a great bargain. 


November 12, 2016

Brunch in Brooklyn

Lamb Shakshooka 

Hey lovelies,happy weekend! The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. I hope it lasts a few weeks longer. Am I being unrealistic to expect this to continue? Probably but I don't care. A girl can wish. 

I'm always on the lookout  for new places to go to for brunch in Brooklyn since I very rarely venture to Manhattan these days. I love food and I have no problem going the distance in search of good food. 
I had the pleasure of discovering a great little brunch spot today in Williamsburg called Reunion. It's a tiny little Israeli spot with the cutest decor. It didn't occur to me to take pictures of the decor because I was so into the food but believe me. it's super cute. 

Lately I've been very underwhelmed by the places I've been to but not today. The food was sooooo good ya'll. I had a sandwich which consisted of toasted pita topped with lamb. arugula, feta, tahini, sumac and a fried egg. It made for a most delectable experience. 
My friend had lamb shakshooka which is minced lamb cooked in a spicy tomato and red pepper sauce topped with fried eggs, also quite delicious. 

If you are ever in Brooklyn, I command you to go to Reunion. It's a bit out of the way but trust me, it is totally worth the travel.  Apparently it's really popular so expect to wait for a little.  

 Totally unrelated to the food, how pretty is this lip color from Colorpop? It's called LAX and it is one of my go to colors for the season.
Wearing LAX lip color from Colorpop

November 11, 2016

Holiday Wish List

Hi lovelies,
Can you believe we have less than two months before the year ends? It seemed like only yesterday we were starting off 2016. Where is the time going?

With the holidays just around the corner, I've already begun shopping for gifts. I like to get started early and take advantage of the amazing sales happening right now.
While shopping for my friends and family, I've seen so many great things for myself too.
My mom always complains how hard it is to shop for me becasue I never know what I want and it frustrates her.
So this year I'm being proactive and I've put together a little wish list. When she asks I'll be ready.

1. These moccasins from J.Crew have been on my radar for a hot minute. They're super cute and I love that they have the faux-shearling lining. They come in a bunch of cute colors but my favorite is the leopard print because I'm basically obsessed with everything leopard. The gold is really pretty too.


2. I love blanket scarves. It's a wonder I don't have one in collection of a billion scarves. I just love how cozy and chic they look. It would definitely come in handy when NY temps drop and winter decides to settle down and show it's face for real.

3. Ok so I am really really late to the party but I don't own a pair of white converse. I know that everybody and their spirit animal were rocking these this past summer and I really wanted a pair but never got around to purchasing them. They're a good shoe to have in your collection and so cute.

 4. How pretty is this French Press though? I love a good cup of coffee and having a French Press is a great way to save money by making it at home. I owned one but sadly it broke and I need a new one in my life.
Williams and Sonoma
 5. So many good things have been said about Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. With the start of a new year quickly approaching I would love to read it. It's always nice to start the year with a fresh perspective and this is one of those books that will help set you up for a year of change.

I'm really simple and there aren't many things I want or even need.

What's on your wish list?


October 23, 2016

December Travel Plans

image  via

Hey lovelies,
I hope that your weekend has been been nothing short of wonderful. Mine has been really low-key. I did some work, laundry and went to church. Nothing fancy. I did get a chance to do some reading. I've been reading the entire Sherlock Holmes collection. It's so good!

It's almost time for my December break, well  if you don't count the 6 weeks in between now and the actual time I go on break. Anywho, I'm very excited because for a few days I'll be escaping the wicked cold of NY and heading to a city that has been on my bucket list for the longest.

My mom and I have always wanted to go to California and we decided that rather than spend Christmas in New York again, we would take advantage of the much nicer weather that California has to offer. Plane tickets have been bought and hotel booked. It's taking a lot to not start packing my bags. We'll be staying at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina.
image via EJ Style
image via EJ Style

The hotel is very close to the Gaslamp Quarter which means we will  have lots to see and do and it's within walking distance  of loads of attraction, shopping and public transportation.

I am particularly excited about the food. I travel for food. That's how much I love to eat and from what I've heard SD has amazing food. I've begun my research and already found some great places. We are looking for a place to have Christmas dinner. If you have any suggestions feel free to send them my way.

The zoo has to be the biggest thing on my agenda. I love going to the zoo! We're also planning to go on a Whale and Dolphin Tour. My mom wants to see the Aquarium as well.
There is just so much to do and it's going to be really hard deciding what to do in the five days we'll be there.
Here's just a little bit of what I have on our bucket list so far. As we get closer to the date I'm sure this list will be even longer. I'll have to narrow it down when I make our itinerary.

By the way, when I travel I like having a proper itinerary because it really helps to keep things organized and I am able to maximize my time. I make sure to factor in rest time as well because it makes no sense coming back from vacation completely exhausted.

If you have any recommendations of things to do and see, please don't hesitate to let me know. I love hearing from people when they have had great experiences.

September 11, 2016

Weekend Shenanigans

Hi lovelies,
This past Saturday I was finally able to attend the Essence Block Party in DUMBO. I've wanted to go for ages but I never know when anything is happening. Luckily my friend who knows when all the fun things happen is in town and invited me to go with her.
It was a beautiful day but hot as the devil's backside. Despite the heat we had a good time and it was great running into some of my favorite bloggers and YouTubers.

My face before the heat melted all my make-up

Finally got an a chance to wear this cute little Asos off the shoulder frock before the summer goes away. 

Youtuber and Taren Guy
Blogger,Writer and YouTuber Franchesca Leigh

YouTuber MariaAntoinette and Blogger Rock Yo Rizos
Yummy Tacos 

Later in the evening I went to Korea Town to meet up with two lovely ladies I worked with a million years ago when I worked retail. We hadn't seen each other in years and it was amazing seeing them especially since one is preggers and the other just got married a few months ago.

Chocolate and Vanilla back together again!

Love these ladies!!! 

After dinner we went to a great Korean desert spot called Grace Street and I ran into a super sweet blogger who I always check out for awesome natural hair tips.

Waffles with Green tea ice-cream and Oreos. Yessssssss

French Toast with Vanila ice-cream and Maple Syrup. So good 

Ijeoma over at
I had such a great time with my friends and I'm so happy that I was able to make time for fun becasue this upcoming work week is going to be hectic!

Chat you up soon,