Young Christian

I went out to celebrate my friend's birthday last night and although everyone else was having a blast, I was having just an okay time. I had nothing to do with the people I was with, they were great and I was happy that I was there to celebrate with my friend but for some reason I just was not into the partying.
I sat for a while and then it occured to me that this just wasn't my thing. The partying, drinking and wildness is not what I should be doing.
Things have changed since I decided to really live according to the word of God. I realized that certain things just do not appeal to me and I find myself feeling out of place when I go out to certain events.  I know that God is taking those desires away, which is a good thing. I need him to do that.
My true desire is to grow closer to him and to be able to live according to his commands.
Being young and having non-Christian friends makes that hard. I feel that I will have to give up some of these friendships to be able to live the kind of life that I need to live. Well, I will leave it up to God to help me with that.
This is just another part of the journey that I am on.