Lately I have been thinking about the people in my life and who I call friends.
I have been fortunate when it comes to making friends, some of the disappointments that other people have experienced from friendships seem to have eluded me. I attribute this to several factors.
1. I realize that not all friendships are meant to be forever. People come into our lives for a time and for a reason. Friendships don't come with expiration dates or a shelf life. They can last for 6 months, 10 years or a lifetime. Enjoy what you have and make the best of it.
2. True frienships require a hundred percent trust. Simple as that, you have to trust the people.
3. Be the kind of friend you want someone to be to you. You get what you give.
4. Realize that people are not infallible, they mess up and they disappoint. I don't use the failings of one person to judge all. I deal with that person and I move on. Everyone gets a fair chance til they mess up.

These are my guide posts for friendships. Not all experiences have been wonderful, I have been disappointed sometimes but I chalk it up to life.

The friendships I do I have, I try to make them work. I give my best and pray for reciprocity.