Hair Drama

My hair stresses me out. It never seems to do what I ask, and I don't ask for much. I take care of it, nurse it. The money I have spent over the years on hair products could pay for college--ok maybe just the first semester.
Now I need a haircut, this is the bane of the relationship my hair and I share. I can never get the haircut I want.There is a picture in my head  of how I wnat my hair to look. I see it on tons of people all the time, but I can never find someone to cut it just the way I want or someone that my hair responds well to. I have unruly and stubborn hair.
I found a salon and I was so tempted to go but my co-worker is a hairstylist, well she is going to school to be a hairstylist and we began talking and somehow it was decided that I would let her cut my hair.
I am getting worried as we delve deeper into the conversations. Should I trust her to cut my hair having never seen anything she has done or go with someone whose work I have seen.
I am stuck, I already said yes. I would feel bad going back on my word, how akward our working environment would be.
At the end of the day, it's only hair, eek mine takes years to grow back.

My hair muse is Malinda Williams. I love her look. She always looks so fab.  I'm praying I don't have to wear a wig after this.

 Ok, I would be happy with any of these cuts. Keeping my fingers crossed and trusting that she isn't wasting her money in hair school.

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