I ran into a friend today who went to the same high school as me.
Our conversation hit on the subject of men and our lack of one.
Turns out we have both been told that we are too picky, which is directly related to our singleness.
We both have similar preferences, particularly the way men approach us.
We hate when men whistle at us, or "holla" at us. We hate to be referred to as "ma", "shorty" or any similar slang word when miss would be sufficient.
I don't think that this is being picky, I actually like my men to have the ability to speak intelligently and approach me with respect. Being called Ma is not my idea of an polite and respectful approach.
There are a few other preferences which I don't believe to be unreasonable.
Men have their preferences, I may not be every man's idea of the perfect catch so why should I have to lower my standards to get a man.
I can't comprise certain values.