Hair Drama 2.0

So I finally got my hair done. My friend came over and I let her do her thing.
This was her first time cutting hair, and crazy as it is I let her experiment on me.
Now, I don't have a lot of hair so there is very little room for damage.
Long hair story short, my hair is much shorter than I would like.
At this point there is no much to do but pray that the hair gods work their miracle and make mine grow back faster.
I don't hate it  -I just wish it was longer.
Like I said I have a picture in my head of how I would like to look, and this haircut once again is far from that mental picture.
I wish it looked like this. I am trying to style mine to somehow look similar, but it just ain't happening.
Lessons learned:
1. Never let someone who has never cut hair cut yours.
2. Its just hair and it will grow back...eventually