Marriage- The Big To Do

I've been reading so much about marriage on various blogs and it really bothers me how the sacred union created and ordained by God has been reduced simply to a piece of paper. People no longer have the respect for marriage that it deserves. It is so much more than "putting a ring on in" or getting a piece of paper or even having someone to have unprotected sex with, yeah this is actually a reason someone gave on one of these blogs, smh.

I know a lot of this has to do with the way our society has gone astray from the word of God. Everywhere we see divorces, people "shacking up", unwed mothers, "friends with benefits" , and other forms of trivialized sexual encounters. Magazines, movies, music videos and celebrities make it seem that all of this is ok. It is NOT, no matter how nice or sexy or cool they make it look.
God sanctioned marriage for a man and a woman, that is the natural order that he wanted. Sex was created to be between two married people. Now its between anyone who feels the urge. No need to be inlove or even like each other, and you can always blame it on the alcohol.

People need to realize that the problem is not with marriage itself, it is with the people who get married.
We don't take marriage seriously enough,  those vows are not just the exchange of words, they are a covenant to love each other much in the way that God loves us, unconditionally. Will there be trouble? Of course-at the end of the day we are imperfect humans, and we will have trouble in our marriage. The way to get through it is prayer and making GOD the center of the relationship. There are numerous scriptures in the bible that teach how to live and have a successful marriage. It is more than possible to do so.

It is just a very sad situation when we think that it is not important to get married and not necessary to be married to produce children. I am especially saddened because this is such a major issue in the Black community.

When people stop being selfish, and think about making their partners happy instead of satisfying their own carnal desires, then we can start having more successful marriages.
We do not need to pay attention to the people around us who are getting divorced, we need to figure out how as individuals we can make our own marriage work. The high rate of dicvorce is not an excuse to not get married. There many are successful Black people despite the statistics which indicate that many Blacks drop out of school and are un-educated, we don't let those statistics stop us from accomplishing success in life so why do we let it deter us from marriage? We need to get back into the word of God and start living according to his rules rather than those of the world.

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