August 30, 2009

Young Christian

I went out to celebrate my friend's birthday last night and although everyone else was having a blast, I was having just an okay time. I had nothing to do with the people I was with, they were great and I was happy that I was there to celebrate with my friend but for some reason I just was not into the partying.
I sat for a while and then it occured to me that this just wasn't my thing. The partying, drinking and wildness is not what I should be doing.
Things have changed since I decided to really live according to the word of God. I realized that certain things just do not appeal to me and I find myself feeling out of place when I go out to certain events.  I know that God is taking those desires away, which is a good thing. I need him to do that.
My true desire is to grow closer to him and to be able to live according to his commands.
Being young and having non-Christian friends makes that hard. I feel that I will have to give up some of these friendships to be able to live the kind of life that I need to live. Well, I will leave it up to God to help me with that.
This is just another part of the journey that I am on.

August 29, 2009

The Beach

One of the many things in life that makes me super happy is the beach. I don't really care for swimming, I'd rather go in the evenings when the water-loving, frisby playing crowds have dispersed and the sun is ever so slightly kissing the horizon.
I took this picture while in Montauk, on my wonderful Iphone camera and used the vintage camera app to create this black and white effect, I love it. It was a beautiful day, I was by myself and completely loving the experience.
Happiness in it's simplest form.

Memories where art thou?

I am trying to remember details of my childhood and I can't seem to piece together a complete picture. I have bits of recollection, tiny fragments of events but nothing really concrete or solid that I can draw on and say this event really happened. It's weird  and for some reason it bothers me.
What does this say about my childhood then? Was it so bad that I have blocked it out? Or is it just a natural thing that happens in most people's lives? I guess I should ask around or do some research. I'll probably forget by tomorrow.