The Dating Game

I'm not a big dating person. I'm not one for simply going out with someone for the sake of being on a date or getting a free meal.
If I'm not interested from the jump or the guy doesn't exhibit certain charactersitics I look for then, I won't go out with him. Why waste my time?
Apparently, this makes me too picky according to some people.

My friends try to remind me that it is just a date, not marriage.
I guess I think that someone I go out with should have the kind of qualities I look for in the man I would like to marry. maybe I am jumping too far ahead in my thinking but I would rather not waste my time going on bad dates.
As I'm getting older I'm beginning to relax a little in my thinking. I may regret this decision but I'm trying to be open minded and positive.

I have decided to actually go on more dates if asked, of course using good judgement.
It depends on the approach the man uses, I have to maintain some sort of standard after all. He has to approach me like a gentleman and be able to carry out an intelligent conversation.

Not every man I go out on a date with will be my ideal but I guess it will give me the opportunity to have a more realistic idea of the opposite sex. I'll gain some experience and knowledge which is a good thing.

If nothing else, I'll have some amsuing date stories to tell.