Yes I'm single actually.

I was reading one of my new favorite blogs over at as the writer discussed the age old question that everyone single woman has had to answer at some point.
"Why are you still single? "

If I had a dollar for everytime I have been asked this question, I would have a closet full of Christian Louboutins.

Some people mean it as a compliment, they ask "why is a beautiful girl like you still single?" ummm...thanks, I guess.

Others want to know if I am two screws short of a tool chest. Something has to be wrong with me if I can't find a man.

One co-worker loves to point out that I don't have to leave work on time because I "ain't got no man". My dear, thanks for the obvious observation; I thank you kindly.

One of my great friends is always trying to get me hitched. She makes suggestions about where I should go to meet men and what I should do. She suggests I dive into the great big ocean of men-- disregarding, creed, color or kind.

Yeah I can dig that, I'm not stuck on just dating men of my own race anymore.  I have become more open minded. I just have not met the right guy yet.

My thoughts on the matter (which she doesn't agree with) is that God will work it all out. When we go out searching for love, we get desperate and sometimes end up making bad choices. Therefore, I have decided to leave things in God's hand and I believe that he has someone waiting for me and once he believes I'm ready, that person will come along.

My friend calls it passive, I call it faith.