So much is going on in my life right now, lots of changes taking place.

I'll finally be graduating from college, yay me!!!! Cum Laude at that.

I have also accepted a new job working with Teach for America. I'm gonna be a teacher. I still can't believe it. I did everything but swear on my mother's life that I would never be a teacher, I just didn't see it in my future but here I am and I'm uber-excited.
This is such an amazing opportunity and I can't wait to start.
This new job comes after 5yrs of working for the same company, the time has definitely come for me to move on. There is no future there for me and I'm like a hamster on a wheel going around and around in circle but getting nowhere. Time to GO!

It's scary to leave what I've become so accustomed to and go try something new. about nerve-wracking.
I'll need lots of prayer.