internal chaos

I find myself in a very weird place right now. I feel like I'm going through some sort of transition but I haven't figured it out quite yet.
Sometimes I feel very strongly about who I am and what I'm about but there are times like at this very moment that i question all of those things I thought I knew. I feel as though I can't connect with this person, this shell, this body.
Don't know anymore if I even knew who I was. Confusing, right? Well that is exactly who I feel.
I guess it happens at a certain age, I haven't felt like this since I was a teenager.
I suppose it has to do with all the changes going on in my life. I'm leaving a job I've had for almost 5 yrs and moving into a completely unfamiliar realm plus I just graduated from college and I haven't figured out what I really, ultimately want to achieve.

I feel as though I need to have accomplished a lot by now but I haven't and my life isn't taking the direction I hoped it would.

God...what chaos. There is just so much that wants to come rushing out of my mind right now and the thoughts are streaming faster than my fingers can type or my mind can even process. Just. so. much.

I  need to sit down  with pen and paper in hand and try to make sense of this all, maybe that will help to enlighten me. I should probably write my goals down and take it from there. I think all I really need is to have a sense of direction and set some goals and I should be better...I hope.

I can't imagine living my life like this forever.

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