People do the craziest things

Living in NY you see the craziest things in public, particularly on the subway.
I don't know what it is about the train that causes people to think that it is their own personal sanctum. From the woman clipping her toenails, she was a little bit on the insane side; the man flossing his teeth, to the dude doing chin-ups and push-ups.
People do whatever the hell they feel like doing with total disregard for anyone else.
Seeing these odd behaviors no longer illicit shock from many New Yorkers,who simply continue to do what they were doing seemingly oblivious to the chaos around them. Me, I'm not a native New Yorker and I have yet to master the art of ignoring the giant white elephant in the room, I see everything strange that happens and I am quite disturbed.
So much so that I was prompted to write a letter to dude doing chin-ups.
Goes something like this:

Dear crazy guy on the train doing chin-ups ,
I really appreciate your effort to get your summer body on, your intentions are commendable.
However, I would like to take the liberty of speaking for all the passengers on the #5 train who were subjected to your lunacy, please get a gym membership and pursue your sexy there.
Thank you.
A visit to a shrink to discuss your obvious need for attention is also recommenced.

I feel better already.

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