On Being Real

Sometimes you find yourself in situations where you kind of question yourself and how others may see you.
It's always good to step back and try to see yourself in an objective manner and see the kind of impression you may leave on others.
I'd like to think I make a good impression. I know that sometimes it really shouldn't matter what people think but in many cases it does and you have to be aware of what kind of vibe you give off. You have to make sure that you are authentic, sincere and generally a good person.
I think it is so important that people have a good impression of me. Not everyone will like but but people should respect me.
I am working on building a solid character that will make a mark on the people I meet.

I'm in a situation where I am in a completely new environment with a very diverse set of people and I feel the need to tailor myself to certain groups of people. Not necessarily be fake or not myself but in a certain sense hold back a little of who I am at least until I get to know them better.

It can be challenging , especially when the people you meet are strangers and you are forced to live with them in a very close living situation.
It will be interesting to see how everyone's true nature evolves during this time. I know that there are others who are dealing with the same feelings I have, eventually we will have to let our guards down and just be who we are.