5:30 am rantings cause I just can't sleep

It is 5:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. I've been awake for the last 2 1/2 hrs, trying everything to go back to sleep but to no avail.
Not quite sure why I can't sleep but I have a sneaky suspicion that it may have something to down with the music( I use this term loosely) that is literally pounding through my floor from my neighbor downstairs. This has been going on since 10 or so last night. I moved into the spare bedroom and was able to sleep for awhile but woke up sweating because the heater is on full blast.
I was forced to seek refuge in my own room but I think maybe I should have stayed in the sauna rather than the club.
For God's sake, why the hell are people so inconsiderate? He knows because, I have told him several times that his music is loud. Just because he can sleep in that chaos does not mean that other people can.
Anyway, I am awake with way too many thoughts bumping into each other in my head. It's amazing all the things that go on in your mind when the world is still, in my case forced awake at such an ungodly hour as this on a weekend. Now I'll be tired for the rest of the week. Can you tell I am angry?

There isn't any one thing on my mind that I need to actually blog about but since I've read other people's blogs and been on Facebook to occupy myself, I figured I might as well rant on my own blog.

So here comes random bites.

On Friday we had our Christmas/ Winter event at work. We went to a really nice restaurant, Calle Ocho courtesy of the employer. Must say the food was delish and I had a blast. I had the chance to actually have for the most part a non-work related conversation with my co-teacher. It's funny how much we didn't know about each other despite spending over 20hrs a week with each other. It was great. I am officially her work husband, despite the fact that I'm not a man, hmmmm.
She thinks I'm a diva, lol. Like I haven't heard that before. I don't get why people think that I'm bougie or high maintenance. Just because a girl likes to look put together and has a taste for the finer things in life, does not a diva make my friends.
Oh well, I suppose there are worse things people could think.
However, just for the record, I'm a lovely diva.

Yesterday, got my hair done. I feel a zillion times better. I was looking a tad bit unkempt. I wish I had the extra cash to maintain my hair particularly nearing the period when it needs retouching. I have to do the best I can on my own and unfortunately, it's not always good enough. Luckily, and I say this in the most positive way, I work with mainly white ladies, who don't notice the vulgar naps that sprout up at the nape of my head. God bless 'em.
I asked my hairstylist how much it cost to get a wash and deep condition just in case I wanted to go in before New Year so I could look fresh, it took all my self control not ask if she was outta her mind when she said seventy-five bucks. Are you kidding me? Really? I guess I better wrap that satin wrap around my head and pray that my hairstyle which I paid a hundred and twenty for lasts until then.
Well, I'm going to make a final attempt to return to the land of slumber, the noise has finally stopped.


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