Baby Boom

Almost everybody I know is having a baby.
I suppose it's only natural that this upsurge in offsprings is taking place since my friends and I are at that age where apparently we are uber-fertile. Good lawd, I will be buying baby gifts for the next 9 months for all the people I know. I have to say though that I feel a little left out of the maternity sorority.

However since I'm walking in the land of the single, suffice it to say I will not be expecting a bundle from the stork anytime soon particularly since I subscribe to the No Wedding No Womb movemment.

For now until my little angel comes along, I will play mommy to not one but two god-babies. I can't wait to spoil these little girls rotten. I guess this will have to do.


  1. True, a lot of people are having kids, intended and unintended.

  2. Beautiful blog!!!

    I don't have any either and I just turned 30, but there are plenty of babies around me that I can go and get for the weekend if the mothering instinct ever creeps in!

    Maybe you will be able to do that with your god babies. ;)

  3. Thanks ladies for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's great to have people other than my friends read my blog.


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