Finding Love Online

Every time I see those ads from and eHarmony, I think why not try online dating? I mean it's 2011 almost, things have changed; people's views about online dating have changed. Many people have found true love online, there are tons of very sincere people like myself who hope to find the illusive soul mate. People, who for various reasons choose a less conventional route such as the Internet to do so.

I consider that option seriously, because the people in the ads look so happy and I truly want to believe that sometimes we need a little intervention from Cupid or the forces that match people up based on however many points of compatibility they share.

Then I ask my mom what she thinks and being the all knowing voice of reason she is, she reminds me of all the creeps in the world pretending to be something they're not. Lol! I love my mom. Once she has an idea about something, don't even try convincing her otherwise. Anyway, I digress.

Needless to say, I'm not rushing out to connect with anyone via the great World Wide Web.
Mom makes a good point. I've had a few friends tell me horror stories about online matches. One friend thought she had found a compatible love match. He described himself as being tall, over 6 feet. They had great convos over the phone and things were going well. That is until they met up. She turned out to be taller than he was. Note she is about 5feet 6inches in 4" heels. She said she could see over this guy's head. Hilarious.

I'm sure many people, both men and women alike have similar stories. I don't want to deal with that drama, even if it makes for an entertaining story.

Truth be told I did create free profiles on the most popular sites, and was not impressed with the men who were my matches. Not to be shallow but I like good looking men, and the ones I saw were far from and some even looked fresh off the yard- prison yard that is. I don't know if it's me but not sure why the creepy looking guys were my perfect match.
I've concluded some may say rather prematurely, that online dating may just not be my cup of Joe. I absolutely refuse to pay( let's not even talk about how ridiculously expensive these sites are) for the possibility of being duped. I can get that for free thank you very much.

What's your take on the matter or experience?

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