new addition to my collection

Forever21 got the message I was sending telepathically, they needed to up their accessory game. I remember back in the day I could walk into the store and get some really great pieces at amazing prices. Then one day, nothing. All the great necklaces were gone and for about a year I was so disappointed every time I went to the accessory section, I eventually stopped going.

All that changed when I went in with a friend on Friday. I was casually browsing with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised to see all the wonderful pieces they had. I began grabbing stuff, until I realized to my chagrin I had no money. Sadness. I put all the lovely items back but there was one necklace that I couldn't get my mind off.
I asked my friend to loan me the money until later cause I just had to have it. She said yes and even better, I didn't have to pay her back. Wohoooooo!!!!!
I got my necklace.

I see myself wearing this for a casual look with a white tee and some skinny jeans. A great pair of sandals and a fab bag.




Now if I wanted to be a little more dressed up, my first option would be to draw for a LBD. I love all black. There is something sexy and chic not to mention slimming about wearing an all black outfit. My mom thinks it's depressing but I can't help myself.
Anywhoo, here is an option.