January 28, 2010

Stir Crazy

Sometimes I get stir crazy in my own skin.
I feel like I need to be somewhere else, but I'm trapped where I am and it is frustrating.
So where exactly should I be? That may actually be the problem- I haven't figured it out just yet.
I'm not even sure if it is a physical, emotional or mental place; maybe a bit of all.
There is a deep yearning for something new and exciting in my life, a desire for change.
I guess I have been static for so long that it feels like I'm passing through life and it is one of the worst feelings in life.

I need to pray, seriously

January 24, 2010

Current Obsession

I love fashion, particularly shoes. The great thing about shoes is that if you gain a few pounds, they still fit. You don't have to throw them out or put them away until you lose the weight. I think that is why I love them so much, plus a great pair of heels makes you feel like the sexiest woman around.

My current shoes obsessions are Oxfords. I love the way they make a simple outfit look chic without looking forced.

January 18, 2010


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Phone Call


half awake, words muffled 
and heavy with sleep.

His voice on the other end
deep and dark like whiskey.
I giggle at something he says,
his laugh vibrates in response.


he calls just to say hi.

His words, a hand on the small
of my back
gently pulling me to him.

He stays with me

like the color on my skin.

January 5, 2010

New Hobby

I love photography. I've always been interested in learning and I have finally been able to buy myself an SLR camera. It took me forever to decide but I finally decided to get the Canon Rebel Xsi which I adore. I need to work on my technique but so far I am just having a great time taking pictures and just having a good time.

I took this shot of my bamboo plant, I was just testing out the camera and I was happy with  the results.

Goals for the New Year

GoalsI'm not one for making resolutions, truth be told I hardly ever set goals for myself. I realize that isn't exactly the smartest way to get through life. So this year, I'm actually committing to setting goals and following through on them.

Since I'm a rookie at this I'm actually starting out slowly, testing the water. These are the goals I've come up with.

1.Praying and reading my bible daily
3. Eating healthy
4. Working out- 3 times a week
5.Journaling daily
6. Blogging weekly
7. Start reading again-actual books and not just stuff for school