Tips for Parenting from a Teacher

So now that I'm a teacher, I am an expert on the subject of bringing up children in the right and proper way in order to ensure that they grow up to be successful citizens of the world.
LOL Okay, okay so maybe I exaggerate a tad bit but I have made some observations about kids since being in the classroom and I think that I can be considered somewhat of an authority figure on the matter.
So here goes my recommendations on child-rearing.

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is giving in to their kids every whim and fancy. A.K.A spoiling the child. Parents please refrain from doing so. Learn to say NO sometimes. Trust me it is not going to hurt the child, in fact your are doing the child the greatest service you can imagine.
I have experienced spoiled kids in the classroom and believe me it is not cute. These kids get angry, defiant and hard to control when they don't get their way; they throw tantrums, break things and just cause all sorts of chaos. I am quick to shut it down but it is not easy.
Children need to learn that they can't have everything their way or everything they want. Life doesn't work that way. Save yourself the embarrassment in the supermarket by first practising to say no at home.

Another thing I have seen parents do and it has such a terrible effect on the kids is cussing the kids out and or beating the crap out of them. Don't do it. I know they drive you crazy and trust me it is hard to control the urge to give them a good ol' spanking or a "cuff". Just remember children learn from you how to react in situations. What they see you do when you are angry or frustrated becomes their model.
Also let me just throw this in there, don't curse around your kids either. I had one little boy get into it with a little girl and he had the nerve to call her a bitch. This kid is 7yrs old. When I asked where he heard that language being used, not surprisingly he said from his dad.
Teach your children how to handle situations well, show them that you don't need to show anger and aggression when someone rubs you so hard you think your color is gonna come right off. It is ok to get mad but you need to learn to control it and not let it control you.

Parents please I implore you, read to your kids. Read, read and read. You can also teach them to count while you're at it. It is so sad to see kids who just can't read or reading on a level far below where they should be. I have kids in the 2nd grade who still have trouble with the letter sounds and who can't spell simple words and what it boils down to for most is the fact that they weren't introduced to language and words early on. Read to your pregnant belly if you have to, expose the kid to language and art and good music.

So this is all I have for now, don't want to overwhelm you.

If nothing else sticks in your mind, remember that you are the most influential person in your child's life. You need to set the standard for your child and live by example. "Do as I say and not as I do" ain't gonna cut it.
Happy parenting.