28 and counting

I'm twenty-eight years old. There, I said it. twenty-eight, almost thirty. 28.
Wow! Of course I knew I would get here someday I'm not delusional but now the day is here and I'm wrapping my head around those numbers and I gotta tell you it's tough. I don't think it's a bad number nor do I think I'm old but when you get past the age of 25 you really start paying attention to the numbers...at least I do.
I begin thinking about all the things left to accomplish and the few years of youth that are left. I'm thinking about husband and baby and responsibilities. I feel like that clock has begun ticking. God, such pressure!!! ***Deep breath sista***
Okay let me tell you about my birthday...
I had a great day. I worked and the kids made me a beautiful card and one little girl even gave me a dollar. A dollar is a lot for a seven yr old to give away, so I'm pretty grateful, it was a sweet gesture.
I went out for Tacos and Sangria with my girlies from work. Cafe Frida has the best Happy Hour ever, 2 dolla tacos. YUMMY!! We had some drinks and some laughs. I was satisfied. Not super exciting but fun nontheless. I really appreciate the fantasticness of a low key evening spent in the company of good friends.
On Saturday, I went out dinner with my mom and a few friends who I consider to be family. Again, very low key but I had a blast. I got a Kindle from my BF. yay!!! I've had my eye on one for awhile and was pleasantly surprised. I was so not expecting it.