Going Natural

So I've made the decision to go natural. Admittedly, it is somewhat of a challenging process and quite possibly a scary one. I've done my research and it is not as easy as one might assume to go from having a relaxer for God knows how many years to wearing one's natural hair.

I'm wearing braids to grow out my hair because I don't know if I go the route of the big chop. Honestly, I don't think I have the confidence to pull it off. I see many women who look gorgeous but I just don't think that way about myself. So I'm taking the easy road...I know it's cowardly. Don't judge me.
Hopefully, by the time I do take the braids out I will have grown some cohones to work my natural hair. Oh Lordy, I don't remember what the actual texture of my hair is like and that is the scary part.

I think I have very fine kinky hair. Nothing wrong with that. I just hope I can manage it. I think that is my biggest fear of going natural. I cannot style hair at all. I'm very bad at it. I have no sense of style or creativity when it comes to hair. I get frustrated easily and I don't know if I have the patience to try the multitude of products until I find the right one, which apparently you have to do when you go natural.

There is also the worry that natural hair just won't be flattering on me. This feeling does not come from a place of self-hate. I have the same worry about dying my hair any other color than black and about wearing a middle part.

Point is I want to be comfortable in whatever state of kinkiness I'll be in.  Wish me luck.