The Little Things

I went to Trader Joe's today after a very long hiatus. Man, I never knew I could miss a grocery store like this in my life. It felt great being back. I used to go every week and then things got too hectic with work and school. Just couldn't make the stop in the city after trekking all the way from the Bronx. So I gave up my beloved shopping experience.
Just walking the aisles and checking out all the different and interesting products gives me the chance to mull over things and think; dare I call it therapeutic? I guess I could, I certainly felt better after leaving.
The prices are awesome too. My local supermarket has higher prices than TJ, and I live in the hood. It makes me feel like I'm actually getting a bang for my forty bucks when I leave TJ  with 2 heavy bags.  I guarantee that my dollars would not stretch that far at my neighbourhood store. Feels good to be home.
Ahhhh...the simple joys of life.