Reporting In

Well Spring Break is over. womp womp.
I had a great time and wish that it could have continue for a few more days. The weather was great for the most part and I really felt like I was able to relax.
My friend from college came to visit and we had a blast just hanging out.
Dropped over by the Hamptons and went to the beach. Picniced in Central Park, despite the cold.
Took some awesome photos for my photo blog. Check them out HERE.

Helped another friend plan her wedding, OMG! It's a lot of work. I had no clue.It's fun though and I think this whole thing is bringing us closer. I've declared myself her wedding planner, ha!

Anyway not much else going on in my life. Wish I had lots of exciting things to report. Just school, work and more work. *Sigh*Oh well, maybe soon.