Rant on Beyonce- call me a hater if you please.

On the heels of my post about Oprah and how she has been a symbol of female empowerment I am writing this post about someone who I find beyond repulsive. I realize that this is a strong word but it is the best word that I can find to capture what  I truly feel.

Ok, so it's Beyonce. My blood boils every time I see her. I can't stand her pseudo female empowerment bs she has going. Ok so she is rich but at what cost? Shaking your ass in revealing outfits, being overtly sexual and singing dumb songs is not my idea of a woman who is empowered. I think it contributes to the stereotypical ideals of beauty and sexuality. It is not ok to dress like a slut and sound like a fool. No wonder so many black women are confused about how they need to look and behave.

Don't get me wrong she is not the only artist out there who acts like this. Rihanna, Keri Hilson and Nicki Minaj are just a few of the others that come to mind. But what gets me is that Beyonce tries to come off as this sweet, Christianly southern girl  with high morals. Yeah Right!!! Be true to yourself. At least Rihanna doesn't front like she is innocent.

I got it off my chest. Whew!