The End Draweth Near

Yay! Only 2 more days left of the school year. I am exhausted and need a break. I can't wait despite the fact that I'll be busy with grad classes and training. I'm just glad I don't have to be up at the crack of dawn and trek all the way to the South Bronx for the next month and a half. Woot Woot!! (Do people still say that?)
I will miss some of my kiddies, some not so much and some not at all.

Is it bad that I have some favorite students? These kids are super focused, smart and so well-behaved most of the times that they help make my job easier. I think I'm super tough but they love me anyway and they give me hugs. They follow me around and ask me questions all the time. I love feeling loved. My biggest desire as a teacher is to have an impact on the lives of my students. I want to be that teacher they remember when they grow up. I want them to talk about me and how I helped to make school just a little bit more fun and interesting. I want them to say how strict I was but how much I cared for them. I mean ideally, I want this from all my students but I know not everyone of them will remember that but I know my favorites will because I see them hang on to the  words I say, I hear them repeating all my crazy sayings and the values I try to instill in them.

I can't help but love these kids. I'm sure parents have their favorite so why can't teachers? Ain't no shame here.