Full Disclosure

One thing I have been struggling with lately as a blogger is transparency, well maybe not so much transparency but... I guess more openness. I have so much in my own life that I want to blog about and I admire people who are open with their readers and I am deathly afraid of full disclosure. I'm worried about the people who might read my blog and find out about my deepest fears and worries.
I have been promising myself that I would be more of who I am but it is so hard. I have seen blogs where people get totally burned for posting their views on their own blog. I've even had someone comment to me in a less than respectful way about MY views on MY blog. Well, that was but one incident and it kinda made me less than willing to be so vocal, but then what is the point of having a blog if not to be myself and share who I am with my readers ( more like reader)?
So, going forward I will try(this is a goal in progress) to be more open about who I am and what's going on in my not so fascinating life. Hope I don't bore my sole reader to death.
Ciao!! ...for now