Birthday Dress

I'm not usually one to post outfits, mainly because I don't have the time to take pictures of myself and I don't think my outfits are that interesting. Anyway I came across this picture of the outfit I wore for my B-Day a year ago and thought I might share with you.
I found this dress at Loehmann's (sp). I loved it but had nowhere to wear it to.
I stashed it in my closet  and forgot about it( a bad habit). As my birthday approached I was going insane trying to find something to wear. I suddenly remembered the dress and it was perfect for the occasion. I felt sexy and pretty, are a rare occurrence for me.
I later saw this dress in a magazine, I was pretty darn pleased with myself for having such a good eye for fashion. Yay me!
Hope to post more pictures of some of my favorite outfits.


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