Have you ever felt that some people have all the luck and you got none?
Everything just seems to go right in their lives and you are still struggling to get by. The right job, a big raise, marriage, baby and the list goes on. All the things you want but which seem to elude you.
It's hard to not ask "why me? "
To be honest this is how I've been feeling these days. Today was just another day of "bad luck". I just felt as though I couldn't get a break.
As my mom would say though, it is just a trick of the enemy.

I know it's the devil trying to derail me. I decided a few weeks ago to finally just stop worrying and pay my tithe. It was definitely a sacrifice but I knew that in order for God to manifest himself in my life, I needed to pay my tithe. So I did, and can I tell you I have been having the worst luck with money since. I accidentally paid my phone bill twice, one hundred and thirty dollars twice!  Then my job screws up my paycheck and left me with a two hundred dollar deficit (I'm the only one it happened to). That was the last straw. I was really upset and depressed because I don't 200 dollars to lose like that.
I was quickly falling into the "why me Lord" mode but had to check myself real quick and recognize that everytime you decide to do something for God, the devil makes it seem like it was the biggest mistake of your life. Things just start popping off like crazy.
I'm not going to worry anymore and let it get to me. I'm challenging God to work it all out and take care of me and my bills. This is the perfect opportunity for him to prove himself. He is able and all I have to do is trust him.

****Keep your faith alive and he will take care of you. His word doesn't lie, he won't forsake you.

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