My Type

So I was browsing one of my must-read- blogs HERE. As a caveat I love that girl. I think we are kinda cut from the same fabric.
Anywho, the current topic of discussion is what is your type when it comes to selecting a S.O. Do people generally date the same "type" of person?
Hmm....I have never dated consistently to notice if there is a pattern. God bless my two actual real relationships but they did not provide enough qualitative data for me to come to a definite conclusion.
I'll go off a what would be my preferred type kinda deal. I've always been in love with Tyrese. I think this pretend love affair with him has been going a decade strong(you would think I would have gotten the idea by now that it ain't gonna happen but a girl can dream right?). So I guess it would be safe to say I like tall,dark and chiseled.
I like intellectuals- glasses and book smarts. I also like confident with a touch of arrogance. Not enough to be obnoxious but definitely detectable.
So that sums up my ideal guy. Sounds like I may need to get to the lab to create this model myself.
I wonder how specific I can get in my prayers? Lol