Living it Up

Ok so it's been a long long time coming...this post that is.
I've started it in my head many a times and it sounded really good and interesting but never got the time to actually sit down and write. So of course what is about to flow is nothing like the amazingness(copyrighted by me) that I had conjured up in my head.

I missed the earthquake and survived Irene. Woopee! I am very happy to say that the damage done by Irene to my part of Brooklyn, was minimal if any. Apart from the rain and wind, I hardly knew that there was hurricane outside. Thank God.

This has been the most exciting summer I've had in a long time. I should according to my friend, have my own reality tv show called "Where in the U.S is Leela Hamilton". I was pretty much out of NY for almost the entire summer. Vermont, Chicago, Rhode Island, Utah and Vegas. Not bad on a school teacher's budget. I have to admit two of those trips were courtesy of my job... thank you professional development.

My last escapade was to Utah to visit some friends. I had an awesome time and conquered my fear of dying by doing things that could have actually killed me like white water kayaking, zip-lining, going down a mountain on a slide (no seat belts). I had a blast and once you've faced death once (ok so I'm a little dramatic) it's not so bad the 2nd or 3rd time around.

Vegas was interesting. I'm not a gambler so I pretty much just walked around the strip and ate. We checked out Kim K's place called Sugar, the food was actually really good. Discovered a Thai place called Lotus of Siam, website HERE, that was featured on the Best thing I Ever Ate (Food Network). I have to say it was the Thai food I've ever eaten. I tried the Nam Prik Ong a pork dish( the one featured on the show) and it was awesome. Never had anything like this in my life. Anywho check it out if you are ever in Vegas, it is worth the wait.

That pretty much wraps up my vacay, I could write more but why bore you. A little goes a long was. Enjoy just a few of the pictures I took.

Hiking in Zion Canyons, Utah

Awesome mountain views

Taking a break from my hike

In one of those fancy hotels/casinos

Eating at Lotus of Siam


Park City, Utah

Good times