September 11, 2011

Outfit Post

H&M top; J Crew pants; Coach sandals; Longchamp bag

Anthropology top; Gap jeans; JCrew head band & bracelet; Thrift shop belt

Forever21 dress; Mexx belt; Coach sandals

Hi guys, so I'm not much for outfit posts but I felt like sharing these pics of some of the outfits I wore while on my vacay.

I love, love, love the dress in the last picture. I happened upon it in Forever21 for ten bucks. I had to get it. I wore it to a Sublime concert and received so many compliments. It is so perfect for summer and even the fall just throw on a denim jacket to keep the chill off.

1 comment:

  1. You look great! And the background in that first pic, looks like SO much fun!

    Hope to see you in the chat tomorrow (8pm eastern)! =]

    <3 FWB


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