I Give Up

I think the whole date thing with this guy is never going to happen. Every conversation we have reveal his insecurities.He keeps bringing up the fact that I must have all kinds of guys chasing me and he doesn't want to be just a side-piece. LOL. He actually said that, SMH. He has also mentioned the fact that I went to college and I must be really smart and he didn't go. All kinds of crazy.
He is never going to actually set a date and if he thinks I'm going to be the one to chase him. Ummm...not gonna happen.

I tried y'all. I did. I wanted to give him a chance but he lacks one of the very basic requirements I have... AMBITION.
All he wants out of life is to win the lotto and sit back and chill. He complains about going back to school and finishing up his degree, so many excuses. I actually told him he is a big slacker. I couldn't hold my tongue.

It's still fun to flirt with him... don't judge me. I need a little excitement in my otherwise non-existent love life.
I'll keep you posted.