Outfit Post

I went out last weekend and had a chance to take a photo of the outfit I wore.
These shoes were mentioned in a previous post, and I wore them for the second time. I have to say they are somewhat comfortable. The first time, not so much but I guess once they have been broken in fully they will be fine. I was stomping around in them; trekked all the way from Brooklyn to Parkchester in the Bronx on the train and I was okay in them.

The top, I found many moons ago on sale and loved the detail on the shoulders. When I took it home, I realized that my pudge was more on display than the details of the shirt but I was determined to wear it one day. I took it out by chance after losing a few pounds and it looked acceptable. I still have a little pudge to lose but trust me, this is amazing compared to what it looked like before.

I love the pants. Got them at one of my favorite stores, J.Crew on steal for eleven bucks. Now if you know about J.Crew, you know that that is a fantastic price.

There you have it folks, a rare outfit post. Maybe one day I'll be able to post on the reg.


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