What's Your Worth?

How much B.S are you willing to take in a relationship?
I ask myself this question a lot, especially when I hear stories from other women and all the crap that their bfs give and they stay in the relationship.

Cheating, lying and a plethora of other forms of disrespect. Is it all worth it just so you can have a man around? I don't care if he gives you money to pay the bills or fixes a the pipe when it's broken. 

How much are you worth? 

I just don't think a man will value you and respect you if he thinks you don't respect yourself enough to walk away from him and his dirt. People will happily give you what they think you are willing to take and there is no way he is going to change if you don't leave or make it clear that you won't tolerate certain things.

My level of tolerance for disrespect is zero. I just believe that if someone loves me then they won't do things to compromise the integrity of the relationship we have. I wouldn't do it, so why should I put up with someone who does.
I would rather be an old and single with 50 cats in a stroller before I settle for that kind of life.