Still Looking

So this Internet dating thing has not panned out to much yet. I've gotten lots of messages but quantity does not equal quality. I get the guys who don't know how to start a conversation, case in point "Hmmm sexi" . WTH? How does one respond?  That was the actual message in its entirety. The least he could have done was spell sexy right.
I also get the guys who are grammatically challenged, a disability which I can't overlook. I'm a teacher. You have to know that cool does not begin with a k.
There is also the 33  yr old who is scared of the word date and wants us to and I quote "hang out, not like on a date but something fun"  end of quote. Why are you on a dating website if you don't want to go on dates?

So...I'll hang in there. I'm keeping hope alive. I believe in miracles so keep your fingers crossed for me.