I Know When to Fold 'Em

So it has been awhile since my last real post and not much has changed since the last post.
I think I'm done with online dating. I seriously think I have the worst luck with men. I was optimistic that maybe online dating would open up some more options for me. In my line of work I don't meet many men over the age of eight and since I don't go out much, I figured this would be a viable option. EPIC FAIL!
The sad reality is that it did offer some options... in the worst sort of way. I have a knack for drawing in the oddballs;seriously WTH?? I think my ego has suffered serious abrasions from this online dating experiment. So folks I'm folding my hand and hightailing it outta Dodge.

Now, I'm not giving up meeting someone someday. I'm just giving up on the thought that I will find him online. I also will add that I don't have anything against online dating... for anyone who isn't me. I know people who have had better fortune than I did.

At least I gave it a try right?