July 26, 2011

just saying hi

So I've been MIA for awhile because I have been so busy with school and all the work I've had to do.
Yuck! I hate writing papers and taking tests.I can't wait for Grad school to be over.

Anyway I am in Chicago now for work. It seems like such a cool place to live. Every time I leave NY to visit another state I start thinking how much I want to move out of  NY. When I get back I realize how much I've missed it. I have such a love/ hate relationship with this place.
One day I'll decide if I want to stay or get away. Who knows, maybe when I have kids the decision will be a lot easier because I don't want my kids growing up here.

That is is it for now. I'm writing this and my eyes are starting to close and my brain is flashing the gas light for E.


July 17, 2011

Dreams are for Dreaming

Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow.
By: Langston Hughes

I absolutely love this poem.

It makes me realize how important it is to have a dream aka vision aka goal.
Sometimes I forget mine. I forget to nurture my dreams and to treasure them. Those are the times I feel as though I have no purpose.
I guess I'm afraid of my dreams. Afraid they are too big, too lofty and just too unattainable. Then I think about all the people who have accomplished great things and how all they started out with was a dream.
My plan is to write down all the things I want to accomplish, and each day speak them into being.
The bible says speak those things that be not as though they are. If you want something you have to believe and speak positively.
I'm so guilty of speaking exactly what I don't want. As my mom likes to say too many times we use our tongue to cancel our blessings. I need to stop speaking what I don't want and start being more focused on what I do want in my life.

I encourage you to do the same. When that negative voice in your head{you know the one that tells you we are too fat or too skinny or not smart enough or whatever it tells you}starts yapping, shut it down and tell yourself that God made you just right and you can accomplish anything with his help. 
 Best wishes!

You Are My Sunshine, Baby

Went to the park for a lovely picnic on Saturday with two friends and their lovely little bundles. I had quite a blast and was totally loving on the babies. All the pleasure without the pain.
Kids just put a smile on my face, they are so sweet and innocent. You can't help but love them, if you are a normal person that is.
Just wanted to share.

July 15, 2011

Have you ever felt that some people have all the luck and you got none?
Everything just seems to go right in their lives and you are still struggling to get by. The right job, a big raise, marriage, baby and the list goes on. All the things you want but which seem to elude you.
It's hard to not ask "why me? "
To be honest this is how I've been feeling these days. Today was just another day of "bad luck". I just felt as though I couldn't get a break.
As my mom would say though, it is just a trick of the enemy.

July 10, 2011

Recently Acquired

So while I should have been completing my assignments I was blog browsing. I was over by Get it Girl Style and came across some gorgeous earrings. They were just what I would want if I had been dreaming of new earrings. They are beautiful, so naturally I had to get a pair. Got purple cause that's my fave color.

Check out the shop A MERRY MISHAP on Etsy. You won't be disappointed.   Ciao!!!

Birthday Dress

I'm not usually one to post outfits, mainly because I don't have the time to take pictures of myself and I don't think my outfits are that interesting. Anyway I came across this picture of the outfit I wore for my B-Day a year ago and thought I might share with you.
I found this dress at Loehmann's (sp). I loved it but had nowhere to wear it to.
I stashed it in my closet  and forgot about it( a bad habit). As my birthday approached I was going insane trying to find something to wear. I suddenly remembered the dress and it was perfect for the occasion. I felt sexy and pretty, are a rare occurrence for me.
I later saw this dress in a magazine, I was pretty darn pleased with myself for having such a good eye for fashion. Yay me!
Hope to post more pictures of some of my favorite outfits.


Snapshots of my Life- Part 1

I thought it would be nice to do include some pictures of some of the most fun times I've had with friends. There won't be much text, just pictures. Enjoy!

July 6, 2011

My Type

So I was browsing one of my must-read- blogs HERE. As a caveat I love that girl. I think we are kinda cut from the same fabric.
Anywho, the current topic of discussion is what is your type when it comes to selecting a S.O. Do people generally date the same "type" of person?
Hmm....I have never dated consistently to notice if there is a pattern. God bless my two actual real relationships but they did not provide enough qualitative data for me to come to a definite conclusion.
I'll go off a what would be my preferred type kinda deal. I've always been in love with Tyrese. I think this pretend love affair with him has been going a decade strong(you would think I would have gotten the idea by now that it ain't gonna happen but a girl can dream right?). So I guess it would be safe to say I like tall,dark and chiseled.
I like intellectuals- glasses and book smarts. I also like confident with a touch of arrogance. Not enough to be obnoxious but definitely detectable.
So that sums up my ideal guy. Sounds like I may need to get to the lab to create this model myself.
I wonder how specific I can get in my prayers? Lol


July 2, 2011

Feel the Burn

So I went to the gym today with a friend and tried a kettlebell workout for the first time.
All I can say is Good God Almighty! My thighs hurt and my arms hurt. I felt like I was going to pass out, the only thing that saved me was the fact that the instructor was hot and it would have been way too embarrassing to pass out in front of him like a big out of shape blob. I managed to hold it together for pride's sake.
I would recommend this workout to anyone who wants to trim fat fast. It isn't a workout for wimps either. Check out a class, I dare you.

All the Single Ladies

I was talking to two of my girlfriends earlier both of whom are also single much like moi. We were discussing our inability to find quality men of color. I consider us to be quality women. Educated, attractive, ambitious and funny are just some of the adjectives that one could use to describe us. Not bad catches in my opinion.
We live in three different states and the problem exists in all three.One of my friends is convinced that there aren't any good ones left. I haven't quite lost faith quite yet, if there are nice girls like us that exist then there has to be nice men, right?