October 20, 2011

I Give Up

I think the whole date thing with this guy is never going to happen. Every conversation we have reveal his insecurities.He keeps bringing up the fact that I must have all kinds of guys chasing me and he doesn't want to be just a side-piece. LOL. He actually said that, SMH. He has also mentioned the fact that I went to college and I must be really smart and he didn't go. All kinds of crazy.
He is never going to actually set a date and if he thinks I'm going to be the one to chase him. Ummm...not gonna happen.

I tried y'all. I did. I wanted to give him a chance but he lacks one of the very basic requirements I have... AMBITION.
All he wants out of life is to win the lotto and sit back and chill. He complains about going back to school and finishing up his degree, so many excuses. I actually told him he is a big slacker. I couldn't hold my tongue.

It's still fun to flirt with him... don't judge me. I need a little excitement in my otherwise non-existent love life.
I'll keep you posted.

Weight Loss Update

Ok so, I worked out twice this week. Yay me!!!
I only managed to do 15 minutes the first night and tonight I did twenty minutes. To my credit, they were very intense workouts.
I discovered the Nike Training App and I downloaded it on my Ipad and I workout. It's pretty cool. You have your very own personal trainer and you can customize the workouts for your needs.
Check it out if you have an Ipad or Iphone.
I'm down 8 lbs. I want to hit the 10 lb mark but some progress is better than none.

I want to lose 40 lbs total. That may be a lot but I'm going to try.
Wish me luck.


October 16, 2011

What's Your Worth?

How much B.S are you willing to take in a relationship?
I ask myself this question a lot, especially when I hear stories from other women and all the crap that their bfs give and they stay in the relationship.

Cheating, lying and a plethora of other forms of disrespect. Is it all worth it just so you can have a man around? I don't care if he gives you money to pay the bills or fixes a the pipe when it's broken. 

How much are you worth? 

I just don't think a man will value you and respect you if he thinks you don't respect yourself enough to walk away from him and his dirt. People will happily give you what they think you are willing to take and there is no way he is going to change if you don't leave or make it clear that you won't tolerate certain things.

My level of tolerance for disrespect is zero. I just believe that if someone loves me then they won't do things to compromise the integrity of the relationship we have. I wouldn't do it, so why should I put up with someone who does.
I would rather be an old and single with 50 cats in a stroller before I settle for that kind of life. 

Outfit Post

I went out last weekend and had a chance to take a photo of the outfit I wore.
These shoes were mentioned in a previous post, and I wore them for the second time. I have to say they are somewhat comfortable. The first time, not so much but I guess once they have been broken in fully they will be fine. I was stomping around in them; trekked all the way from Brooklyn to Parkchester in the Bronx on the train and I was okay in them.

The top, I found many moons ago on sale and loved the detail on the shoulders. When I took it home, I realized that my pudge was more on display than the details of the shirt but I was determined to wear it one day. I took it out by chance after losing a few pounds and it looked acceptable. I still have a little pudge to lose but trust me, this is amazing compared to what it looked like before.

I love the pants. Got them at one of my favorite stores, J.Crew on steal for eleven bucks. Now if you know about J.Crew, you know that that is a fantastic price.

There you have it folks, a rare outfit post. Maybe one day I'll be able to post on the reg.


October 15, 2011

Style Muse


I love Sanaa Lathan. I think she is gorgeous and she isn't skinny and frail looking.

I'm really feeling this outfit. I love the color combo. I think the dress is really flattering and could see it suiting a variety of body types.
Apparently you can get it at Macy's, from the Rachel Roy collection. The price isn't bad either 129 bucks. Check it out Here.

Here is another look I really love. Simple but still really stunning.

Date Update

So my date last week did not happen. I was happy I had made other plans, it would have totally sucked to be stuck at home waiting on HIM to call/text.
I did a little shopping and had dinner with a friend who I hadn't seen in ages. It was good to catch up and just chill.

The excuse... he had left my number in his jacket pocket which was at his friend's house. He was forthcoming and claimed he was a bit upset with himself for leaving it there. Ok so I bought the story, I have no reason to not believe him.
Plus he's been texting since he actually saved my number to his phone.
We haven't made any plans as of yet to go out but we will see what happens over the next few weeks.

I have to admit he is kinda growing on me. He has a really nice smile and is pretty respectful towards me. He is still rough around the edges but whatever, I'm not trying to marry him.
My friends at work are convinced he is a really nice guy and great with the kids. The kids really like him so it must be true.

Will keep y'all  informed.

October 8, 2011

Hmm....Should I ?

Hi y'all. You know how I've been complaining about not really meeting anyone interesting to go out with. My dating life has been less than interesting over the past few months. Well, there is a guy at my job who asked me out.
Truth be told, he is NOT my type. I usually like my men refined, well- spoken and college educated. He is none of the aforementioned. Therefore I was a whole lotta hesitant to say yes. I spoke to some of my close girlfriends at work and they were very encouraging about giving him a chance and not judging a book by its cover. He is cute but a bit 'hood.
I've decided to give him a chance- to go on a date. Mainly because of peer pressure and out of curiosity.
I made it clear that I was picking the place, I didn't want to end up at Red Lobster or Applebee's. I like those places but not for a first date.
Anyway, he asked for my number and I gave it to him. He asked if we can hang out on Monday since we don't have work. I agreed. Let's see if he texts. I sorta told him not to call me. I was being bitchy.

As I'm typing this, it hit me that I have been totally bitchy towards him since he asked me out, in fact sort of snobby. Oh no! I turned into one of those women with her head up her own you know what. Not cool. I was kinda thinking I was too good for him. Wow, when did I start thinking like that? Guess I need to check myself.
Well if he texts me after the way I acted, I'll go out with him.
I'll keep you posted. Have a great weekend.