November 29, 2011

Still Looking

So this Internet dating thing has not panned out to much yet. I've gotten lots of messages but quantity does not equal quality. I get the guys who don't know how to start a conversation, case in point "Hmmm sexi" . WTH? How does one respond?  That was the actual message in its entirety. The least he could have done was spell sexy right.
I also get the guys who are grammatically challenged, a disability which I can't overlook. I'm a teacher. You have to know that cool does not begin with a k.
There is also the 33  yr old who is scared of the word date and wants us to and I quote "hang out, not like on a date but something fun"  end of quote. Why are you on a dating website if you don't want to go on dates?

So...I'll hang in there. I'm keeping hope alive. I believe in miracles so keep your fingers crossed for me.


November 20, 2011

Been Busy

Man it's been ages since my last post. I've just been busy, lazy and haven't had much going on worth writing about.

So, I tried this whole online dating thing again because my partner in crime met a guy and she convinced me AGAIN to give it it another chance. Hesitantly, I wrote a new profile and added a few pictures.
I've gotten lots of messages, if nothing else they have been worth a good laugh. Wow, there are some interesting men out there. By interesting, I mean wack! Weird pictures and even weirder profiles.SMH

Anyway, I have been speaking to a guy who is a teacher and seems alright so far. We'll see how that goes. We've only communicated by email and text messages which  isn't the best way to really get to know someone but I think eventually we'll meet up.
He said to me "Would you mind hanging out with me, not like a date but something fun like dinner and maybe a movie'. Lol, what? What kind of dates has he been on? Maybe he doesn't like the word "date". I guess there is too much pressure who knows.

I've also been on a couple dates with my friend's roommate who is also a teacher. I have a thing for teachers it seems. He is cool, we've had fun but he claims he isn't looking for a relationship. Not sure where that is going to lead.We shall see. I'll keep you posted!

That's all that's been happening.

November 6, 2011

Ways To Style:Fall Scarves

Ways To Style:Fall Scarves

I saw this cool little article over at and thought it would be fun to share. I'm always looking for different ways to wear my scarves and this is a very comprehensive tutorial with several looks.
Hope you enjoy.

November 1, 2011

Social Commentary

Am I the only one NOT shocked about the dissolution of Kim Kardashian's farce marriage?
Millions of dollars spent for a marriage that lasted  less than 3 months. What a colossal waste of time and energy. I'm actually surprised it lasted all of 72 days.
Call me cynical but I don't believe in celeb romance. No wonder no people no longer believe in the institution of marriage.
Maybe, this will prompt her to stay low for a while.