December 30, 2011

Recent Aquisitions

So I love to shop but what I love more than shopping is a good deal. I try to not buy anything full price if I can help it. I love expensive things but hate paying full price. Sale is my favorite word in the English language, and "additional sale" is my favorite phrase.

I was out doing some after Christmas returns when I came across the thrift store Second Time Around. I was hesitant to go in ( I wasn't looking to shop) but eventually did. Boy am I glad I did. I practically stole a pair of Etienne Aigner leather boots. They were 25 bucks which was awesome but they were an additional 50% off. Can you imagine that? I got them for $12.50 !!! As you can imagine I was beyond elated.
Peep them below.

 Both necklaces together at full price would have been over 80 bucks. Got them BOTH  for 26 dollars at J.Crew. P.S if you have a student i.d you can get an additional 15% on all your purchase even if it is already on sale. How great is that?

I got this sweater at a thrift store. Ralph Lauren for less than 3 bucks. The lady wasn't sure if it was  for adults or children so she gave for the kids price. God bless her heart.
I was immediately drawn to this top because of the cut and color. I love bright colors. Got it  for 13 bucks at Marshalls. Again, awesome price.  It wasn't on sale per say but that's a ridiculously great price so I won't complain.

So there you have it my dears. This isn't everything but they were the best deals.Yay for bargains!!!
Ciao for now.

December 28, 2011

I Know When to Fold 'Em

So it has been awhile since my last real post and not much has changed since the last post.
I think I'm done with online dating. I seriously think I have the worst luck with men. I was optimistic that maybe online dating would open up some more options for me. In my line of work I don't meet many men over the age of eight and since I don't go out much, I figured this would be a viable option. EPIC FAIL!
The sad reality is that it did offer some options... in the worst sort of way. I have a knack for drawing in the oddballs;seriously WTH?? I think my ego has suffered serious abrasions from this online dating experiment. So folks I'm folding my hand and hightailing it outta Dodge.

Now, I'm not giving up meeting someone someday. I'm just giving up on the thought that I will find him online. I also will add that I don't have anything against online dating... for anyone who isn't me. I know people who have had better fortune than I did.

At least I gave it a try right?


What I Did Last Friday

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being the maid of honor in one of my best friend's wedding.
It was so much fun and everything went beautifully. I couldn't have been happier had it been my own wedding.
I did the make-up for the bridal party including the bride and everyone looked so gorgeous.

Make-up is an obsession of mine. I have been thinking about turning this love into something bankable. Maybe beauty school? Who knows.
Enjoy some of the pictures.
The Beautiful Bride


The bride's cousin and sister(did their make-up)

The bride and her cousin (She is so gorg!!)

December 10, 2011

Life Lesson

There are times when I wonder why things don't work out the way I want them to and I get depressed. At these times it seems as if everything is crashing down around me and nothing ever goes right. While I was in one of these funks a few days ago, it suddenly hit me that I wasn't allowing God to guide me.

Everything that I've tried to pursue without God's guidance has led to Epic Failure.

For some crazy reason I thought I could do it all on my own but the reality is that I can't. I need him to be in control. I could have saved myself a lot of disappointment and pain.

Big life lesson: Submission

December 3, 2011

My Fives

I've been thinking a lot about what I want in a potential mate and realized that maybe I am not so sure. I have a mental list of qualities that would be great for the person to possess, but mental lists tend to get out of control to the point of being unrealistic.

It's important to know what is important to you in a partner, too many times people either don't think enough about the qualities they want or they think too much. We end up compromising or disappointed in the relationships we develop.

I think people should have an actual list of the qualities that are important. I'm not talking about Chilli's infamously unrealistic wish list but a list that helps to keep you focused.

Patty Stanger of my favorite show, Millinaire Matchmaker suggests that people should have a list of 5 non-negotiables. The absolute 5 most important things that can be a deal breaker if the other person does not measure up. I think that 5 is pretty fair. You have to think about what is uber important and less superficial.

I've tried coming up with my list of 5 and it is hard. It isn't perfectly phrased but the main ideas are there, you get the gist.

1. Religion- I'm not just talking about going to church on holidays but someone who knows God and prays. Someone who understands the power of God in their life and realizes that God is in control and they can depend on him to direct their life.
2. Shared values- we don't need to agree on everything, however we need to be on the same page about the biggies;when it comes to things like family, finances, marriage etc. there needs to be a cohesiveness that will help ground the relationship.
3. Education- by this I mean at least a completed tertiary education. 'Nuff said. I know first hand the drama that arises when two people on a very uneven educational playground try to date each other, insecurity raises its ugly head. I'd rather not have to deal with that.
4. Resiliency- this is a huge deal for me. Life is tough, if you can't handle it and roll with the punches(pardon my cliche) then it won't work for me.
5. Willingness to grow- nothing is worse than being stagnant. Being open and willing to grow as a person and become is really important to me and I need someone who values this as well.

Ok, so notice that I didn't put that he needs to look like Tyrese even though I wanted to. Lol
At the end of the day, the looks aren't as important for me. I need to be attracted to him and that's good enough.
There are also some things that are just a given like treating me with respect and all that type of stuff.

I definitely encourage everyone to do the same. What are your 5?