Date Night

So you know how I said I was giving up on the whole online dating stuff? Well, a couple days later I got a message from a guy who seemed normal. At first I was going to ignore his message because I read his profile and he did not seem to realize that God invented puntuations for a reason. I get annoyed by that stuff, the teacher in me just refuses to overlook blatant grammatical infractions. Anywho, my friend convinced me to respond and I did.
We chatted a couple times on the phone and last night we had a date.

He isn't bad looking but he is not as tall as I like and I'm not sure if he is my type.
Sparks weren't flying but the conversation was good and I had some good laughs. He seems like a really nice guy so I'm open to going out again. He's already asked.
I had a good time so we shall see what happens next.
I'll keep you posted.