Golden Globes Fashion...The Good, Bad and Ugly

I didn't watch the Golden Globes but I saw some of the dresses. I was not impressed by much of what I saw. Most of the looks were very boring. I'm no fashion expert and I don't follow trends so maybe pale and boring is the new look and somehow I missed it. 
Here are a few of the ones that impressed me. 

Helen Mirren

Nicole Kidman and hubs
Jessica Biel

Viola is by far my favorite. I love the rich color and that awesome side split of the dress. She keeps it simple with jewelry and makeup. 
Jessica Biel is also wearing a lovely dress (I would wear it as a wedding gown). I have a thing for lace, it's the granny in me. I was immediately drawn to the dress, it's sexy in an understated kind of way.
I love the detailing on Nicole Kidman's dress. It's so intricate and fun but can someone tell me why she looks like a wax doll? 
I really admire Helen Mirren. She is way hot for an old lady. I love the color and age-appropriateness of her dress. 

Ok so there you have it for the good, now take a gander at the bad and the just plain ugly.

BAD...Emily Watson. I don't even know what to say. Sorry, maybe? that a slip??