Hair Again

One of my goals this year is to wear my hair totally natural by the summer. I mean no braids, nothing. Just me and my coils. In the meantime I'll continue to braid my hair to help it grow out.
I've recently discovered a new way to do my braids and I was looking around around for some inspiration. I remembered spotting a pic of Solange with her afro and thought it was way cool. I think she is wearing the same braids I'm going to try out.

Honestly I can't say I'm a huge fan of Solange Knowles. I never really listened to her music or followed up on her much.
However, when she decided to go natural and chopped off her her hair I noticed because there was such a huge deal made about her.
I have to admit she has a very unique sense of style that I appreciate. I wouldn't wear everything she wears but I admire her boldness and ability to express herself sartorially. Something not everyone can pull off.
I love her hair though more than anything else, from the very cropped cut to her big ol' afros.

Here are a few pics to enjoy and inspire.