Hair Today

So in preparation for my new hair style, I took out my braids.
I had to go to church today and needed to do something with myself. I did my first twist out on my natural hair and I have to say I really, really liked it.
It was a little hard getting used to myself with out the braids or a relaxer at first; it has been years since I've rocked my kinks.
My confidence to wear it out is growing. I don't think I'm all the way there but since my goal is to wear it out come July I'm hoping that I'll get confident right quick.
So here are some photos of my twist out and my afro after I combed it out so my momma could cornrow it up for my new 'do.

mini-'fro all combed out

twist out 

Up close and personal

So here I am in my natural glory. I want to grow my hair some more so that when I do the twist outs they will be bigger.
It's amazing how much shrinkage occurred after I washed. When my hair was dry it was way bigger than this but after water hit it, it shrank sooooo much. I guess that is part of the natural experience I need to get use to.