Resolutions? Not For Me.

I am not a resolutions making type of girl. Usually, I think about things I want to accomplish, set goals and work towards achieving them.
Same thing applies this year. I have a few goals that I want to work on accomplishing.
1. Get my driver's license. This has been a goal for like the last 5 years. Should have happened a long time ago but I'm scared ya'll. However, it must be done this year. I'm tired of my friends laughing at me now. My pride won't allow it so I'm facing my fears and taking my butt out to get some lessons. My target date is July.

2. Get my US passport. I became a citizen early last year and I've procrastinated long enough. I want to do some travelling and I have no choice than  to do it; so sooner than later on this one. I'm giving myself until July.

3. Pay down my debts. This might be the hardest one since I have a shopping problem but I need to get my house in order and this is the biggest ball and chain to have. This means I'll have to cut back on shopping from J. Crew and the Loft but  it is worth it to have financial freedom; besides I have more than enough clothes and shoes to last a life time.I'll give this the entire year to do.

4. Continue on my weight loss journey. I haven't updated recently but I've been doing ok. I've  lost 12 pounds and only regained 4 over the break. Not bad considering I was eating everything that is yummy for the past month and a half. I'm sticking to Weight Watchers and I know I'll continue to lose the weight.   

So I feel really good about these goals. They are realistic and measurable. Will be keeping you updated as I check them off the list. No Resolutions Just Goals.