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I was tagged by Sunny over at http://musingsofalouisvilleslugger.blogspot.com

11 Randoms About Me:
1. I love photography
2. I have a shoe addiction
3. I love chocolate cake, candy but not chocolate ice-cream
4. Can't stand rap music
5. Can't dance to save my life, I have no rhythm
6. I can't ride a bike or roller blade or drive
7. I'm a girly girl
8. I have a ridiculous sweet tooth
9. I watch Judge Judy almost every night
10. I don't shave my legs
11. I'm a hot mess after 2 glasses of wine, lol

*What do you do to de-stress? Eat
*What do you want to be remembered for? Being a great friend
*What is your favorite thing to eat? Hmmmm....cookies
*If you were stranded on an island, what one celebrity would you like to be there with you? Haha, ummmm...that's hard. Can't think of any who wouldn't annoy me after the first day.
*What is the one item of clothing that you own that every woman should have? A great fitting pair of denim pants
*What is your favorite scent? Jadore by Dior
*What is the best song ever? Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
*What is your favorite thing to do on a date? Haven't been on too many to have a favorite thing
*Gold or silver? Silver
*What is your favorite store to shop? J crew
*Your favorite color? Purple

I'm tagging

* What is your favorite accessory?
* Lipstick or Lip Gloss?
* Heels or flats?
* Where do you love to shop?
* Favorite vacation spot?
* What is your favorite quote?
* Who is your greatest inspiration?
* If you could only wear one item of make-up forever, what would it be?
* If you were to grab a snack, would it be salty or sweet?
* Funniest person you know?
* Coke or Pepsi?