Spoiling Myself

So I'm on the Kate Spade mailing list (not a good idea when you have a shopping addiction), and found out they were having a one day surprise sale today. I was so excited because I adore Kate Spade; they have such excellent quality products and it's just my style.
I fell in love with the Flicker Melinda tote and wanted it badly. I convinced my mom to give me half the money for it as my birthday gift. Lol, so I was able to purchase this lovely item in black. I got it for $160 including shipping and tax, it's originally $345.
Yay, I finally have a big girl bag. I love it.

I also finally upgraded to the new Iphone. I've had the 3G for about 4 years now and it's just time to let it go and move on. I love my Iphone and I'm so happy I can get the 4S. I got it in white and it's beautiful.

These are my splurges for the year. I'm done shopping y'all.... for real this time. I have to get off all those dang mailing lists cause you know I can't resist a sale.
Wish me luck!!!