Whazzzz uppppp

So this past week was hectic. Grad school started back up and I was pretty much exhausted. Working all day and then going to school until 9 does not for a rested woman make. I can't wait until June.

I have been working on making one of my biggest dreams a reality. I'm excited because things are falling into place. I will be sharing with you very soon. I'm going to nurse this secret for a little while longer until I have actual concrete good news to share. I'm letting God do his thang and make it happen.

By the way, my dating life has come to a screeching halt- again. Lol. Bet you guys are used to hearing this by now. One day there will be exciting news to share but it ain't now. Oh well, such is my life.

Well just wanted to pop in and share with you guys.
Have a wonderful and positive week y'all!