What's in Your Picture Frame?

I was listening to Joel Osteen tonight and he was preaching a message that really resonated with me.

The topic was how do you see yourself? What is in your mental picture frame? 

What do you believe about your life and your circumstances? If you see good and positive things, then those are the things that will manifest in your life. You have to picture it in your mind and speak the things that you want.Too many times we talk about all the things we don't want and wonder why our life seems to be going nowhere fast.

If your life is  not going the way you want then change the picture in your frame.

I know it sounds crazy but the power of positive thinking has been proven time and time again. All great victories begin with a vision or a dream. Start thinking about all the success you will have and how much your life is going to change for the best.

Of course challenges will be present but you should never let your circumstances of your moment limit your destiny.

God can make every impossible situation, possible. He is so awesome to do things supernaturally that can never be explained to the logical mind. All you have to do is step out in faith and believe.

If there is something you want, I challenge you to step out there and go get it. See yourself accomplishing what you want and claim what you know is yours.

Find things to inspire you and people who will support your dreams. Don't let the words of others and their doubts cause you to walk away from your dream.

I will be sharing my testimony with you all in a few weeks. I'm living out my impossible dream right now and I know there will be good news to share very soon.